The brown banana: the throwaway, overripened fruit that you let sit for just a day too long.

Okay, so it was more than a day, but it seems like these tropical delights turn disgusting so quickly!

Before you banish your bananas to the trash, give these delicious recipes, all with the browning fruit, a try. Your taste buds will thank you.

1. Banana bread is an obvious choice, but the cinnamon swirl in this recipe spices things up!

2. If you never thought to put avocado in banana bread, you’ve been doing it wrong.

3. Kick things up a notch with this cream cheese, chocolate chip, and banana-stuffed coffee cake.

4. Make your French toast so much creamier with overripe bananas.

5. What goes with bananas and caramel? Baileys. You’re welcome, world.

6. This banana bread pudding is everything that is good in this world.

7. Banana bread pancakes marry breakfast and dessert into one delicious dish.

8. Crispy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside — these fritters are unforgettable.

9. Then again, these fritters look pretty ridiculous, too.

10. For a smooth transition into the desserts, these brown butter-glazed banana donuts are sure to delight.

11. Chocolate lovers will worship this flourless banana chocolate pudding cake.

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12. What is butter pecan ice cream without bananas? Nothing, that’s what!

13. Frozen yogurt bites are a bit healthier, though.

14. You may not want to share this caramel banana layer cake.

15. …Or this banana cream cheesecake.

16. Before you question why this banana cake has zucchini in it, just try it.

17. This fruity take on the traditional blondie might make you a forever convert.

18. What’s better than a banana cupcake? One with Oreos, too.

19. Simple and delicious — that’s all you need with these cookies.

20. You won’t be able to stop eating these pan-fried poppers.

21. Put this on muffins, ice cream, PB&Js, pancakes…the options are endless!

22. Bananas + Nutella = a match made in heaven.

We won’t blame you if you find yourself intentionally letting your bananas get a little too ripe just in order to make these recipes. Enjoy!

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