1. Nightmares can come true just as much as dreams do if you let your fears guide you internally.

2. When you are busy, your heart will shout things to you and you may ignore these cries for help. These screams will be likely to show up in your more subconscious dreams as skits.

3. Mistakes are a blessing because they help you grow.

4. Any mentor in your life who aggravates you may be an angel sent to you in disguise.

5. Everything happens FOR you, not to you.

6. When you ignore your gut instinct, the same burning truth gets exposed to you a second time.

7. There will always be someone to disagree with you, especially if your idea is bigger than their typical thought process.

8. We are all searching for things we already have.

9. You get what you generally give.

10. Reflect after reacting.

11. Dont ever beg for someone to want you the way that you want them.

12. Continue growing or people will grow out of you.

13. What you see with your eyes does not tell every detail of every story.

14. Being impulsive is a choice to fulfill your own urge of release without considering other peoples feelings.

15. People can care about you to an extent and will give you advice on survival but only you can give yourself the things that your heart harasses you about throughout your day(s).

16. Most of the time people do mean what they say but feelings change.

17. Space is necessary and should be embraced.

18. Time and space can will give you the answers youve been looking for.

19. Holding on can be more painful than letting go.

20. Everything and everyone contributes to our roads of self-discovery.

21. Self-discovery is offered to us in many different situations or conversations.

22. Certain people trigger certain traits of yourself.

23. There is a little bit of you in everyone. Everyone has a little bit of you.

24. A lot of things wouldnt bother you if you didnt focus on how someone else might feel. (Guilt)

25. Some people just stop talking to you because you remind them of someone they are trying to forget. You cant control that.

26. Some people use you for comfort then secretly disappear and that doesnt make them the Satanic. You helped them grow or realize something.

27. Some people want to be used for their comfort to feel more like a value of importance or a part of something big. Its like being a hero.

28. Healthy relationships help motivate structure. (This can be a romantic relationship but most importantly, the relationship you have and maintain with yourself.)

29. Abusive relationships show you the things about yourself that you need to work on.

30. Abusive relationships also test your will power and resilience.

31. Everything is perception.

32. Everything you say or declare which is right, is indeed correct.

33. Be careful with what you solidify.

34. People generally want something to complain about.

35. People want to hear you complain because Misery Loves Company.

36. The people that only come alive when you talk negatively are toxic people. (Hypothetically they may or may not see themselves as a hero to save you and that can be linked to having low self-esteem.)

37. People with low self-esteem feel useful when they are the one(s) that are there for you when no-one else is.

38. A person who will bring up how they were there for you when nobody else was to win an argument or feel superior (just because they are not quickly receiving what they want from you) is typically committing abusive behavior.

39. You can disrespect someone or degrade someone without using actual curse words.

40. You can be superior of your life without insulting others.

41. Most work industries promote the opposite of what they truly are about daily.

42. Some people end up being what you made them out to be.

43. We all need an outlet.

44. Art is everywhere, as well as inspiration.

45. The world is not black and white. Its multi colored and has colors you dont even know the names of.

46. It is not just the message you are delivering, its the way you deliver the message because your tone matters.

47. One sentence can ruin or taint a bond permanently.

48. An alcohol or drug addiction can be at a mild level or an extreme level. (You might not need a shot of tequila in the morning but you might think you need 4-6 glasses of wine every night.)

49. We can reward ourselves in creative and sober ways.

50. I cannot speak for everyone and list every reason but sometimes we become addicted to substances because we feel like we have nobody open-minded enough to talk to.

51. Drugs can help us take a short-cut into our subconscious.

52. What you dont want to hear is what you may need to hear.

53. We dont realize how much our words and actions can affect others.

54. With some people, the less you are around them, the better.

55. People warn you about other people but in the end, we are all People.

56. Assumptions are a short cut instead of directly asking.

57. You become what you obsess over.

58. You become who you hate.

59. You become your thoughts.

60. You can make yourself sick.

61. Sometimes when you see someone directly go into another relationship after leaving their last relationship, you may view it as fast or jumping but dont forget that people stay in relationships after they dont want to anymore. The process of getting over someone was probably already happening during the relationship.

62. We are given the opportunity every second to create ourselves into a whole new person.

63. Some of us are addicted to drama at a certain level and dont fully realize it.

64. Sometimes you dont need to think a long time to decide because your heart and/or gut already knew the answers.

65. I consider friends a distraction if our goals are not similar or if they do not stimulate my growth.

66. Learning is an unlimited process.

67. You can be 42 and learn something new from a 7-year-old. You just need to be humble enough to listen.

68. If you are not humble enough then situations will occur in your life to bring you back down to earth and that is why I said up above that Everything happens for you, not to you.

69. Gods are always trying to send you messages.

70. Sometimes its easier to tell a stranger your biggest secrets.

71. Someone youve only known for three days can break your heart.

72. Someone you just met can do more for you than someone youve known your whole life.

73. The universe thrives off energy so drink coffee and get shit done.

74. When alcohol or weed is in your system, it gives you vague or false perceptions of a bond with someone that FEELS real.

75. If you dont take responsibility for your actions and play victim, then you will stay a victim of your life. You will stay the passenger seat of youre the vehicle you finance.

76. Blaming others for your lifes circumstances is the easy way out.

77. Being drunk once felt fun because it helped me procrastinate.

78. Alcohol helped me accept the things I havent accomplished yet and made me okay with it.

79. Try not to make any important decisions under the influence of any external substance.

80. Everything connects and everything matters.

81. We either have multiple soul mates depending on who were becoming or whats convenient for our life at the time or Soul Mate is merely a perception or fantasy and merely does not exist.

82. Eating clean helps me listen to my body and my mind more. (This is more of a realization)

83. The person who tries to make the bad guy look like the bad guy most likely the bad guy.

84. Typically, females should take precautions because they are often victimized into situations where a male is in love with the idea of the female rather than her imperfections, growth, emotions and time.

85. Be in a relationship with someone who can admit when they’re wrong, to make your life easier. If otherwise, prepare yourself for Emotional Hell and earlier gray hairs.

86. People will look for excuses to not be in a relationship if they truly do not want to be in one.

87. There are situations out there bigger than your feelings.

88. If you don’t make your dreams come true, then you are more likely to resent your children or your spouse for your lack of action. (I am not saying this is right, I am just simply stating that I’ve seen it happen multiple times) For example, Mother says: “If I never had kids, I could have been a flight attendant”.

89. Don’t give a boy or a man your all, all at once. (A guy himself gave me this advice)

90. Silence beats ignorance.

91. Too much silence creates assumptions, which creates tension and misunderstandings.

92. People tend to over rate themselves.

93. People respond better to love.

94. A high level of professionalism will attract business opportunities to you quickly.

95. Good memory is an advantage in the business world.

96. Writing things down improves memory.

97. If you don’t start planning or decorating your life, then someone else will do it for you.

98. Whatever brings you happiness may not be the same recipe or formula for another person’s joy.

99. We all have different callings.

100. We all typically categorize people by their words, tones and appearance because it seems easier than getting to know them within time.

101. We are given the opportunity every second to create ourselves into a whole new person.

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