Ah, December birthdays. Between the holiday madness and New Year’s Eve preparations, December birthdays can get lost in the chaos. Never fear, though: We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share the ways that they make their family’s December birthdays special. Read on and add any ideas you have to the comments below. 

1. Use non-holiday wrapping paper for birthday gifts. It might seem like a no-brainer, but find wrapping paper that’s special (whether it’s Star Wars or Minions) so the birthday gifts feel unique.

2. Consider having a birthday party on their half birthday instead — or a few weeks later in January — when friends are more available to celebrate. If you move their birthday celebration, invite family members over for a party or dinner on the actual day to make it special.

3. Talk to them about holiday decorations beforehand. If you have an early December birthday, hold off putting up holiday decorations until your loved ones have celebrated their day. You could even get a Christmas tree and use it as a “birthday tree,” then decorate it for Christmas after the birthday has passed. If it’s a late December birthday, remove holiday decorations by then, so that all the focus is on the birthday.

4. Speaking of decorating: balloons, streamers and more are always festive for a birthday! Ditch the garlands and bows and go big with balloons. 

5. Make the day special by letting them pick the breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. 

6. If you have a Christmas Eve or Christmas birthday in the family, give Santa a slice of cake instead of cookies.

7. Choosing separate themes for gifts — like clothes for his or her birthday, and toys for Christmas — can make each feel unique.

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