Decorating your locker is so last year.

At West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Florida, seniors are allowed to paint their parking spots. The class of 2017 got particularly creative with the tradition namely one Drake fan.

The craze is clearly sweeping the school nearly every spot looks painted.

The award for most impressive spot has to go to Martha Caldera, whose Drake-inspired spot is just perfect. The wordplay is genius.

To understand the high stakes of West Orange High School’s parking situation, let us refer to this tweet from June 9. A student posted about spending 10 hours in her car, overnight, in order to secure a clutch parking spot. “[C]an’t wait to paint in August!” the student wrote.

Here are some of the most awesome parking spots:

If any of these students are applying to art school, we think parking spots would be good talking points on their college interviews.

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