There are plenty of things we associate with everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. Presents, Christmas trees, food, Christmas songs are all part and parcel of the festive season.

Of course, there’s always the infamously ugly Christmas sweaters that you have to wear at least once during the Chrismas period if you can claim to have any kind of festive spirit. Red-nosed reindeers are a firm favorite when it comes to Christmas sweater embroidery – they’re cute and ludicrous all in one. And you might expect a standard reindeer sweater to look a little like this: But did you know that there’s a brand new trend rising through the ranks of social media? Let’s just say, it involves a conveniently-placed hole with a sneaky boob poking out. So how exactly does one achieve this ingeniously revealing yet festive look? Well, the women who have taken part in this craze will put their creativity to good use by cutting a big enough hole in their sweaters so that one of their breasts is visibly exposed. Other women simply pull down their sweater enough to expose their breasts. They then decorate their exposed breast with stick-on googly eyes, a red nose made out of tinsel and a pair of felt antlers. Unsurprisingly the bold new trend has become a huge hit on Instagram amongst the popular photo-sharing app’s most daring users. The ingenious and unprecedented festive craze can be found under the hashtag #rudolphboob for anyone who is keen to take a closer look. Some of the most brazen women to have taken part in the trend have done so entirely on their own and others have mutual support from their gal pals making for some very titillating group photos. And if you’re not one of the most creative people in the world but are interested in transforming your breast into Santa’s famous ninth reindeer, then you can also purchase a pre-made version from  “YourSassyGrandma”, an online Etsy store which specializes in “ugly Christmas sweaters”. Yes, Etsy is under no illusions that the bizarre-looking sweater makes for a pretty aesthetic even referring to it as an “ugly sweater” on their website.

According to the description that comes with the Etsy sweater, “If you want to stand out at your Ugly Sweater Party, then this SEXY reindeer ugly Christmas sweater is for you!”

Ugly or not, there is no doubt about the fact that the sweater is extremely popular. In fact, it’s so popular that Etsy’s version of the sweater is completely sold out for this year. Plus who needs a pretty-looking sweater when you’ve already got your best asset on display for everyone to see? And yes, it goes without saying but it’s probably not the best idea to wear it to your office’s Christmas party. Oh and just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ludicrous, Etsy wants everyone to know that they don’t discriminate when it comes to catering to their male customers. Yep, believe it or not, the popular online brand has even designed a menswear version of the festive sweater. Men are encouraged to take advantage of their naturally hairier chest because, “the more hair you have on your chest the better, it will make your reindeer look even more furry!” And for any women who are disappointed that the standard version of the sweater has sold out, well, if you’re willing to wear the sweater designed for your male counterparts, then you’ll be happy to know that they’re still very much available at $50 a piece! Trust me that’s a bargain because some “ugly Christmas sweaters” are being sold for as much as a staggering $30,000! Don’t believe me? Well, watch the video above and find out why people would be willing to buy a special Christmas sweater encrusted with Swarovski crystals! And they say Christmas has become entirely about consumerism…

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