When the weekend rolls around in my household, there are only three rules to live by: rest, relaxation, and football.

While my mom and dad are perfectly content screaming at the television for hours on end, some of us need another reason to partake in this weekly “family bonding time.” And while I might not understand exactly what’s happening on the field, I can appreciate a football lover’s need to eat.

That’s right, friends, football season means you get to have all the delicious, mouth-watering goodness your mouth can handle. But your taste buds shouldn’t settle for boring snacks like chips or pretzels. So to help you get ready for game day, here are 22 epically tasty snacks that are sure to score a touchdown in your tummy.

1. Why wait 30 minutes for pizza delivery when you can can make these wonton pizza cups in half the time?

2. The worst thing about a bloomin’ onion is the sharing. Now everyone can enjoy their own oniony goodness with these minis.

3. These cheesy buffalo chicken bombs are, well, the bomb.

4. What do you get when you combine nachos and french fries? The perfect game day treat.

5. Just about anything can become a game day snack when it’s wrapped in bacon, including avocado.

6. It wouldn’t be football Sunday without a yummy take on buffalo chicken wings. I have a feeling this slow cooker slider recipe will do the trick.

7. Dips have become a game day staple. So why not load up on flavor with loaded ranch dip?

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8. These pulled pork nachos are so good, you’ll forget which team you’re rooting for.

9. Not all game day foods have to be time-consuming. Glazed sausage pineapple bites are quick and delicious.

10. Nothing says football quite like a cheese ball shaped for the occasion.

11. Who needs a dipping sauce when these pretzel bites are oozing with cheesy goodness?

12. Whoever thought of making onion rings better by wrapping them in Sriracha-dipped bacon is an absolute genius.

13. For those sports fans who are watching their weight, these roasted chickpeas are so yummy, I bet you can’t have just one.

14. Add some Asian flavor to your game day party with crispy wonton mozzarella sticks.

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15. And no party is complete without a bit of comfort food. Bacon mac and cheese bites, anyone?

16. How much bacon does one game day need? There is no wrong answer with these bacon cream cheese bites.

17. If there’s one thing I love more than potato skins, it’s jalapeño poppers. This dish combines the two for all your appetizer needs.

18. Celebrate your team’s touchdown with these touchdown taco cups.

19. Skipping your traditional Italian dinner for the big game? These baked ravioli will kill two birds with one stone.

20. These sesame cauliflower wings are so tasty, you’d never guess they aren’t made from chicken.

21. On game day, carbs don’t matter, so dig right in to this BBQ chicken stuffed bread.

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22. Cheer on your favorite teams from Philadelphia with these yummy cheesesteak roll-ups.

With recipes like these, I might actually start looking forward to weekly football time.

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