Decorating Easter eggs isnt always as fun as it sounds. The food dye often comes out too dark or light, the stickers hardly ever stay on, and your egg might crack before youre ready to eat it. Luckily, a new contraption gives us amuch easier way to make boiled eggs look beautiful.

Its not the first time someone has created a robotto decorate Easter eggs, but JK Brickworkss Jason Allemannwho has already hacked cookie decorating and 3D printingcreated a machine-operated egg decorator that’s something to behold. Like his other creations, this one is made almost entirely out of Lego.

Allemann walks you through how to build the EV Egg Bot on his site, and from there its a matter of strapping in a felt tip marker and your egg and letting it go. Now you have one less thing to worry about on Sunday.

H/T Mental Floss | Screengrab via JK Brickworks/YouTube

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