Baking or frying in a pan is the way to do pork chops, along with very minimal seasoning, right? Well heres a recipe that defies tradition, yet leaves you with possibly the best tasting chops ever!

You cook your chops in a slow cooker, or oven. In only 15 minutes you have your prep work done. First, get as many chops as you need. Then prepare a cup of your favorite rice in the following manner: Melt butter in a baking dish or pan. Allow the rice to brown on the stove, in the butter. Now lay the pork chops over the rice. Pour half a cup of water over the pork chops and the rice. The rice will cook in this fashion. Now add some chopped onion and a can of beef broth that you proceed to pour over the chops.

Allow the dish to cook for about 45 minutes for an oven. For the slow cooker go for about a few hours, until you see that the rice is done.

The result is an awesome tasting pork chop dinner that everyone will enjoy!

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