As much as we might want it, we can’t all whip up batches of chocolate chip cookies and perfect whoopie pies at home. Some of us just suck at baking. That’s OK no life points against the afflicted, it’s just one of those facts of life.

Luckily for everyone, the commercial cookie dough industry has got our backs. So long as a person knows how to turn on the oven and grease a cookie sheet, they can have delicious “fresh-baked” cookies fill their home with a dreamy smell and their bellies with happiness.

We’re not talking Pillsbury here though we would take one in a pinch but some seriously special store-bought cookie doughs. Some of them are vegan, some are gluten free, all of them delicious. (Most of these can be found at Whole Foods and other specialty grocers.)

  • 1 Eat Pastry
    Eat Pastry
    If you love the idea of store-bought cookies, but find yourself unable to partakebecause of your vegan lifestyle, you’re in luck. Eat Pastry makes pre-made doughs and they’re entirely vegan.

    Check out Eat Pastry

  • 2 Cappello’s
    Gluten-free, grain-free AND vegan. Thesenutrient-dense, low-glycemic treats are not your typical store-bought cookie dough experience — they’re so much better.

    Check out Cappello’s

  • 3 Wholly Wholesome
    Wholly Wholesome
    A mostly-organic cookie dough, Wholly Wholesome makes you feel good about eating cookies. And that’s not nothing.

    Check out Wholly Wholesome

  • 4 Immaculate
    One hundred percent organic, Immaculate makes a cookie dough that is loaded with chunks.

    Check out Immaculate

  • 5 Joel’s Outrageous Cookie Dough
    They don’t call them outrageous for nothing. You canorder these cookies online, andtrust us, they’re worth the wait.

    Check out Joel’s Outrageous

  • 6 Trader Joe’s Cookie Dough
    Trader Joes
    What can’t Trader Joe’s do well?

    Check out Trader Joe’s Cookie Dough

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