In America, the only places you’ll really find a home with its own name is in the South (plantations) or the countryside (grandiose estates)…but it’s actually pretty common to come across a regular home in Britain with a regal title.

This guy wanted to add a little pizzaz to his mom’s house, which was most likely named by the man who built it in the ’60s, so he decided to create a stone sign for her front door.

Even if your home wasn’t named when you broke ground, it doesn’t take much to give it a grand upgrade — just grab some concrete, clay, and go to work.

Here is the original design for the sign that he made.

reddit / gophercuresself

He flipped it on the computer so it wouldn’t be backwards in real life and started crafting.

He then cut out the letters with heavy paper stock.

You don’t have to get super fancy…just grab some Super Sculpey. Rolling it out to an even thickness, he then got his card stock letters involved.

Using them, he traced and cut out each letter. The bevelling was done by hand using an X-Acto knife.

He smoothed out any imperfections in the letters with a soft paintbrush before baking them.

He performed the same steps with the tree design, too.

Next, he stuck the letters on phenolic faced plywood with a silicone sealant. This ensured that no cement would seep in under them.

When he removed the letters later, vegetable oil did the trick.

A 50-50 mixture of white cement and sand was poured over the letters.

The sign came out of the mold and sat to dry for a bit. The small holes were easily filled by hand with tiny amounts of the cement mixture.

He finished it with a mix of white mineral spirit and linseed oil. This gave the sign a nice coloration.

Voila! There is the new sign outside of his mom’s house!

(source Reddit)

What a lovely present for his mom — it definitely spiffies up the place! I may try this for outside my apartment…that’s not weird, right?

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