As kids, we were punished for doing what only seemed natural…eating cookie dough by the spoonful before it went into the oven.

“There are raw eggs in it,” your mom would explain.

Annddd…your point?

Well, thankfully, now that we’re all a little bit older, we can make our own rules. And those rules include these 19 recipes with cookie dough not just as an ingredient but playing a starring role! Get ready, your dessert repertoire is about to get a whole lot bigger.

1. These cookie dough ice cream sandwiches are everything.

2. Then again, these peanut butter cookie dough and grape jelly ice cream sandwiches look pretty amazing, too.

3. Chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt might sound too simple, but trust us, it’s absolutely delectable.

4. But if you’re more into the old-fashioned way of eating it, just make this dip!

5. This Reese’s peanut butter cookie dough dip gives the classic a sophisticated update.

6. Take things up a serious adult notch with these caramel apple cookie dough bars.

7. Or you could just embrace you childish side with these no-bake cookie dough s’mores.

8. Everyone loves Reese’s…but these cookie dough cups are arguably better.

9. Chocolate chip cookie dough devil’s food cheesecake — that is all.

10. Yes, those are chunks of cookie dough in that cheesecake, and yes it’s delicious.

11. I love brownies, cakes, and cookie dough, so this peanut butter layered confection is for me.

12. I didn’t know you could deep-fry cookie dough, but now that I do, the world is a brighter place.

13. The best thing about these cookie dough Oreos is that the black crumbs won’t get stuck in your teeth.

14. When your guests (or, y’know…you) bite into these seemingly normal cupcakes, they’ll be met with the best cookie dough surprise.

15. This is a beautiful marriage between brownies and cookie dough.

16. Then again, this menage à trois of Oreos, brownies, and cookie dough might be more your speed.

17. These chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake balls are the bomb.

18. Add a little color to your cookie dough balls with a dash of funfetti!

19. And finally…dessert breakfast, anyone? Cookie dough-stuffed French toast for all!

That’s it…cookie dough is the best darn dessert ingredient that ever existed!

(via BuzzFeed)

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