There’s something about watching a random act in slow motion that makes it far more exciting.

Like, this slow mo footage of a hydraulic press crushing a bowling ball. Or these guys who have made a fortune slow-mowing everything from uvula’s toflamethrowers.

If you’re sat there thinking, ‘ umm gross, isn’t the uvula a pretty integral part of a vagina, why would you slow mo that?’ then you are wrong, and have far too much vagina on the brain.

Because the uvula is actually the little dangly bit that hangs at the back of your throat, neatly between your tonsils, and helps you to articulate words, like when you were told to roll your r’s in French. And the guys from “The Slow Mo Guys” YouTube channel decided that this little biological Tower of Babel was the perfect candidate to star in it’s own viral video.

Not different from an alien, or ironically a part of the vagina we were all getting confused about earlier, the uvula is a truly disgusting, but fascinating part of the human body. I mean, just look at the little guy go:

Can you think of anything else you’d want to see slowed down and close-up?

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