Now that I’m an adult, I’m really starting to appreciate how much work my mom put into decorating our house for Christmas.

I can hardly get a tree up without incident. How did she manage to make every room look so festive?!

I’m not sure that I’ll ever be quite as crafty as my mom, but with simple life hacks like this Christmas tree napkin, I can definitely appear to be making an effort. In fact, if you complement the napkin with some simple garland and a few candles, you’ll end up with an all-around striking table setting. Whether you’re hosting family or just hanging out with friends, everyone will be impressed.

If I saw this on my friend’s table, I’d start a slow clap. Not only is it adorable, but it also looks really intricate.

As you’ll see in this tutorial, it’s surprisingly simple to create! With just a few folds and a tiny ornament on top, you’ll have your very own Christmas tree napkin in no time.

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